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Product ID: 1610/29
D Shape Trough
D Shape Limestone Trough Height: 31cm (12"), width: 67cm (26.5"), depth: 67cm (26.5"). Stock no. 1610/29
Price: 385.00

Product ID: 1806/11
Composition Stone Gadrooned Urn on base
Composition Stone Single Gadrooned Urn on a flared square base Height; 38cm (15"), diameter at rim; 48cm (19") Stock no. 1806/11
Price: 125.00

Product ID: 1806/10
Stone Urn on rounded socle
Composition Stone urn with stiff leaf decoration on a rounded socle. Height; 56cm (22"), diameter at rim; 43cm (17") Stock no. 1806/10
Price: 185.00

Product ID: 1607/15
Antique Limestone Trough
Antique Limestone Trough. Height: 29cm (11.5"), Length: 98cm (38.5"), Depth: 58cm (23"). Stock no. 1607/15
Price: 385.00

Product ID: 1406/01
Set of 4 Lead Planters
Set of 4 Lead Planters. Height: 23cm (9"), Width: 18cm (7"), Length: 100cm (39.5"). Stock no. 1406/01
Price: 2,220.00

Product ID: 1806/07
Large Frostproof Stone Urn
Large Frostproof Composition Stone Urn Height; 91cm (36"), width at rim; 130cm (51") Stock no. 1806/07
Price: 1,250.00

Product ID: 1710/07
Antique Sandstone Single D End Trough on base
Antique Sandstone Single D End Trough on bases Height: 36cm (14"), Length: 103cm (40.5"), Depth: 54cm (21"), height of base: 14cm (5.5"). Stock no. 1710/07
Price: 450.00

Product ID: 1806/14
Classical Lidded Urn on Plinth
A beautifully paninad classical lidded urn on its own plinth (please note this item has a minor blemish on 1 side of the plinth, also loss to socle) Height; 160cm (63"), width/depth at base; 46cm (18") Stock no. 1806/14
Price: 850.00

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