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Product ID: 1802/06
Stone Statue of Figure with Hunting Horn
Composition stone statue of figure with hunting horn on plinth. Height: 170cm (67"), Width of plinth: 47cm (18.5"), Depth of plinth: 37cm (14.5"). Stock no. 1802/06
Price: 1,250.00

Product ID: 1511/42
Pair of Terracotta Lions
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French. 19th Century. Height: 86cm (34"), width of base: 41cm (16"), depth of base: 56cm (22"). Stock no. 1511/42
Price: 3,850.00

Product ID: 1010/24
19th Century Weathered Limestone Pond Surround
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19th Century Weathered Limestone Pond Surround
A 19th Century Weathered Limestone Pond Surround. Dimensions: External Length: 5.37m (18'), External Width: 3.12m (10') approx. Stock No: 1010.24
Price: 6,850.00

Product ID: 1008/05
Antique Limestone Well Head
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Antique Limestone Well Head
Antique Limestone Well Head. Dimensions: Height: 66cm Ext Width: 117cm Int Width: 76cm. Stock No. 1008.05
Price: 4,850.00

Product ID: 1802/09
Composition Stone Lovers Statue
Composition Stone Statue of Lovers on plinth Height: 122cm (48"), Width/Depth of plinth: 36cm (14"). Stock no. 1802/09
Price: 485.00

Product ID: 1607/29
Composition Stone Maiden on oak plinth
Dark Painted Composition Stone Maiden on Oak Plinth Height of maiden: 100cm (39.5"), height of plinth: 50cm (19.5"), width/depth of plinth: 29cm (11.5"). Stock no. 1607/29
Price: 685.00

Product ID: 1802/08
Composition Stone Statue of Boy with Fish
Composition Stone Statue of boy with fish. Height: 60cm (23.5"), Width: 30cm (12"). Stock no. 1802/08
Price: 485.00

Product ID: 1707/01
Nixie of the Millpond by Christine Baxter
Nixie of the Millpond by Christine Baxter in cast bronze resin including oak plinth. Height of statue: 74cm (29"), Width at elbows: 52cm (20.5"), width at base: 28cm (11"). Height of oak plinth: 95cm (37.5"), width/depth of oak base: 40cm (16"). Stock no. 1707/01
Price: 685.00

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